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Four Diamonds Pacing

Aiden De Campo is one of the best horse trainers and drivers in WA. Director of Four Diamonds Pacing, since De Campo took over the business from his father it has grown a third in size.

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About the business

Aiden De Campo is one of the best horse trainers and drivers in WA. Director of Four Diamonds Pacing, since De Campo took over the business from his father it has grown a third in size. De Campo now trains over 30 horses in Capel, WA. With each horse holding an impressive track record, De Campo has worked hard to grow Four Diamonds Pacing into what it is today. 

De Campo approached Breathe Accounting in 2019 with plans to take over his father’s established horse racing business. He had previously worked with Breathe Accounting as a sole trader with his horse driving and knew he wanted to work with them when starting up his own business. De Campo met with one of Breathe Accounting’s Directors, Reon, with little understanding of what he needed to do. Reon took care of everything and has made the entire process for De Campo easy and carefree.

“It has been very cruisy for me. In this industry, we do early mornings and late nights so it’s good not to worry about the stress of finances at the same time.”

The Problem 

When De Campo went to start up Four Diamonds Pacing, he had no idea what he needed to do financially. De Campo knew how to be on the ground running the business but the paperwork and financial responsibilities behind the scenes weren’t his forte. He wanted to do things properly and therefore reached out to Bunbury’s local Breathe Accounting for professional guidance and support.

The Solution

“I wouldn’t be able to survive without them honestly.”

De Campo’s meeting with Reon was transformative, developing the strong foundations of Four Diamonds Pacing that would be pivotal to the running of the business. Reon showed De Campo how to set up the business, how to keep everything under control as well as useful tools that would be helpful specifically for De Campo’s business as a horse trainer. 

As Reon has personally worked in the industry before, he was able to offer specialised accounting advice that caters to the unique environment that is the horse racing industry. 

What was especially helpful was Reon’s knowledge of the all-in-one horse racing platform Prism. Built for trainers, syndicators and horse owners, the platform has streamlined many complex financial responsibilities. Reon showed De Campo how to operate the application and connected Four Diamonds Pacing’s Prism with Xero. 

Due to horse racing being unique and complex in how clients are invoiced, and the winning percentages trainers receive, a real understanding of this is needed when assessing the overall performance of the business. An accountant who doesn’t know the industry would struggle to understand the systems needed. With Breathe, they knew exactly what was happening and provided solutions for all areas of my business.

Four Diamonds Pacing

The Results

“They’re very helpful. When there’s a change in our business whether it’s as small as hiring staff or as big as cost increases, I ask Breathe Accounting and they always know what to do.”

With simplified processes and continuous support from Breathe, De Campo doesn’t stress about finances. Instead, he’s able to focus on the business itself feeling confident knowing everything is running smoothly behind the scenes. 

Breathe’s set up of Prism with Xero was a game changer for De Campo. The application has allowed De Campo to calculate rates, pay wages, pay bills, prepare with ease for tax time as well as communicate with horse owners and clients. With the communication capabilities, De Campo has built a database that he uses to send out newsletters to the different clients on the app. Everything is streamlined, simple and easy.

“Speaking with a lot of other people in my industry and how hard it can be for them and their financial responsibilities, it really highlights how easy it is with Breathe. A lot of people in my industry have moved away from their accounting firms and towards Breathe for that specialised support.”

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