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About the business

Complete Civil & Mining Solutions ensures the management of civil and mining projects throughout Western Australia. In addition to supporting the leadership teams in monitoring, nurturing and coordinating those projects, Complete Civil & Mining Solutions also provides infrastructure services as well as highly skilled labour

With a deep-rooted background in the construction and mining sectors, founder Brendan Franklin, recognised the recurring challenge that companies faced in meeting project deadlines and achieving timely completion. To address this, Brendan Franklin established Complete Civil & Mining Solutions, a company designed to provide the essential support, labour force, and cutting-edge technologies needed to overcome these challenges

Today, Complete Civil & Mining Solutions is on track to becoming a contractor of choice by setting industry benchmarks in safety, environment, performance and quality.

“They’re honest, trustworthy and they’re invested in your business. You’re not just a number. And that’s exactly what you need running a business.”​

The Problem 

As the company grew, Brendan Franklin needed support in managing intricate financial and human resources aspects, including payroll, leave, and related matters. To help him, Brendan Franklin sought an all-in-one solution that would align with Complete Civil & Mining Solutions values, cultivate a genuine interest in the business and its people, and operate as a true business partner.

“For my employees, I needed support with payroll, leave and a bit of HR. I wanted an accountant who would be there for me 24/7 in case I needed any support.”

Moreover, given the specificities of the industries and projects Complete Civil & Mining Solutions works for, it was essential for Brendan Franklin to find a solution that would be people-oriented but most importantly available 24/7.

The Solution

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Referred by a friend, Brendan Franklin found in Breathe Accounting an invaluable ally for payroll management, business performance enhancement, and overall growth. Breathe Accounting seamlessly assumed responsibility for the business payroll functions while introducing transformative systems that propelled the company toward greater efficiency and higher performance levels.

“Breathe Accounting had set Complete Civil & Mining Solutions up from day 1. They manage all payroll for the business, they provide systems and support such as ApprovalMax and Xero and now we are looking at implementing payroll apps for the future to to reduce data entry and human error. All these systems are just helping the business grow into a more efficient company”

Today, Breathe Accounting and Brendan Franklin are working together to develop a payroll data app to prevent data entry.

The Results

Through the strategic deployment of various systems and solutions, Breathe Accounting has fueled our transformation into a more efficient organisation, resulting in improved client relations and heightened satisfaction. The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Thanks to the new systems we have improved our performance and our clients' relationships. The feedback we’ve got from them is that we are moving into the next generation, which is great!”

Brendan Franklin found more than an accountant and tax advisor with Breathe. He discovered a dependable partner who not only addresses payroll, leave, and superannuation matters but also plays a crucial role in personnel and business management, bringing Complete Civil & Mining Solutions to the next level.

“The reason we went to Breathe Accounting and enjoy their support is the personal support. You can talk to them on a man-to-man level, ask them questions, and they will always give you honest feedback.”

Brendan Franklin particularly appreciates the human-centred approach of Breathe Accounting. Available, honest, experts, Breathe Accounting puts people first in everything they do.

“If you are looking for personal, quality service, that will get you the job done in a timely manner, come to Breathe Accounting. Breathe Accounting is a one-stop shop, they provide everything you need for your business.”

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