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Express Plumbing - Bunbury Plumbers

Express Plumbing is renowned as the go-to for businesses and individuals in need of plumbing and gas services in Bunbury. Owned by Wayne Mangini, he’s built a reputable name for Express Plumbing since the business first started in 1999. 

Wayne has a long history in the industry, working as a plumber in locations throughout Western Australia. Working out of Geraldton, Kalbarri, Karratha, Paraburdoo, Tom Price and more. Safe to say, he’s seen just about everything when it comes to the plumbing and gas industry.

Express Plumbing has provided services small and large for the town of Bunbury and beyond. Projects have been as small as being the first point of call for common household problems to commercial multi unit developments as well as servicing government contracts involving over 5000 homes across Collie, Harvey, Bunbury, Busselton, Donnybrook, Dunsborough, Margaret river and Augusta and everywhere in between. 

With the Express Plumbing team roaming all around the countryside, Wayne saw it was crucial to refine the accounting and bookkeeping processes within the organisation.  Speaking with an ANZ banker, they recommended Bunbury’s own Breathe Accounting. And, he hasn’t looked back since. 

With 23 years in business and 3 years working with Breathe Accounting, the results for Express Plumbing have been transformative.

“They’re very personable. They’re very supportive. They’re everything you want and need in an accountant.”

The Problem 

“When I first started the business when I was 29, I thought I could do the bookkeeping solo. But it quickly became disorganised. I would recommend, when starting up your own business, right from the get-go, you need professional accounting assistance. Simply put – there’s more traps and downfalls than upsides. You need an expert to support you.”

Before working with Breathe Accounting, it was brought to Wayne’s attention that there were errors in Express Plumbing’s accounting practices. Unfortunately, Wayne had been met with bad luck with his previous accounting processes and now, there was a lot to clean up. Wayne took up on the recommendation of Breathe Accounting and his accounting has never been the same. 

Wayne met with Kiko at Breathe Accounting and instantly knew he was in capable hands. The team went through everything related to the business to rebuild Express Plumbing’s accounting position. Confidently and calmly, Breathe Accounting went right back to the beginning and rebuilt a complete picture of the organisation.

They’ve got quite a few smart cookies in there. It’s worth paying for a package with Breathe Accounting because in the long run they represent more than good value.”

The Solution 

“I’m not big on surprises in business, so anything you can do to prepare in advance does wonders for weathering little storms as they present themselves. This varies from your taxes, to your superannuation, to anything really. Breathe Accounting has allowed us to feel confident in our processes and be prepared for any obstacle that might be thrown our way.”

Breathe Accounting has introduced Wayne and the team at Express Plumbing a streamlined accounting system. From digitalising all of their physical receipts, moving operating systems from Myob to Xero, cleaning up the backend, automating processes where possible and creating user-friendly platforms for all workers to interact with. Everything is up to speed and functioning efficiently.

“We work with Kiko, the bookkeepers and the many experts at Breathe Accounting. You’re not just working with one person, you’re working with an integrated team. If someone’s sick, there’s someone else there to help you. You don’t feel held ransom to one accountant. You’ve got  a whole team there ready to go.”

One step at a time, Express Plumbing slowly but surely had all of their accounting practices reorganised. Everything was made clearer for Wayne, removing stress entirely from bookkeeping.

The Results 

“Breathe Accounting has made everything a lot easier. Our processes have become completely streamlined, simplified and easier to control, which has allowed me to spend more time actually in the business. Everything is in its proper place so I never have to worry about my taxes or bookkeeping.”

Comparing Express Plumbing’s position 3 years ago, to now – their accounting practices are night and day different. Today, everything runs like clockwork, allowing Wayne to spend less time working on the business, so he can work in the business. With plans to expand and grow, Wayne feels financially confident and in control with the team of Breath accountants behind him.

“Everything is much more seamless and easier. We’re working with faster systems that are streamlined, which gives us more time to work on other areas in our business. And that in itself, is a reason to do business with Breathe.”

“Choosing to work with Breathe Accounting was one of the best decisions I made. I believe Kiko and all the staff at Breathe Accounting do an amazing job. Express Plumbing will continue to work with Breathe and we would recommend them to anyone in search of a top quality team of accountants.”


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