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Take control of your future with a self-managed super fund (SMSF)

When it’s time to retire, hard-working Aussies like yourself, want peace of mind you’ll be financially independent. Let’s help you get there.


SMSF set up

The sooner you set goals for retirement, the more likely it is you’ll achieve them. And with our in-depth knowledge in establishing SMSFs, we’ll ensure it’s seamless from the get-go.


SMSF management

We’ll free up your time by taking care of the tedious administrational tasks that come with managing your own super fund.


SMSF compliance

We’ll stick by you and guide you along the road to retirement, ensuring your fund complies with Australian superannuation regulations.

Without financial restraints

After working hard for most of your life it’s time to get your money working for you. By taking control of your financial freedom with a SMSF, you’ll give yourself a much greater chance at retiring with the kind of cash flow you need to live the lifestyle you desire.

Whether you want to start a SMSF from scratch or you already have one on the go, we’ll work together to ensure your fund works for you, while ticking all the boxes.

Thinking of setting up a SMSF?

Managing your own SMSF gives you greater flexibility and control over your retirement savings. However, overseeing all the administration tasks and understanding the complex legislation can be confusing. With the right guidance and tools, you can eliminate any guesswork and make your life easier.

Backed by our team of SMSF experts, we can handle as much of the admin and compliance for your fund as you like. You’ll have peace of mind everything is taken care of, allowing you to concentrate on other things.

Book a consultation

Want to take the next step to independently manage your own super? Contact our Bunbury office to discuss how we can help you get the best out of your SMSF.

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